audio cable for recording musicComplete sound studios and recording studios, producer and engineer services, composition and musician accompaniment.  Mixing and mastering services.

Film audio

a microphone for recording Film scoring, stage, composition, and post production for film including ADR and Foley.

Drums online by brady blade

snare drumNeed a Grammy-winning drummer on your session or track?  By combining a highly skilled engineer, a live room designed for drum sounds and one of the most sought-after session drummers in the business, we create some incredible percussion sounds with Brady Blade, Jr.  Brady is available for session work. Send us your files and we will track the drums.

Surround/5.1 Mixing

surround sound speakerEach control room is outfitted with 5.1 monitoring, delivering optimal sound quality in surround sound. Our engineers mix in 5.1, as well as stereo.

ISDN Services

Cables for ISDN BLADE Studios has two dedicated ISDN lines and Zephyr systems.  We can hook you up to anyone in the world.  We use the best voiceover mics in our ultra quiet isolation booths.