Brady Blade's Drums

We know what a difference it makes to have a professional drum sound on your tracks. Whether you’re a singer/songwriter recording at home or a hip/hop producer making tracks that need to stand out from the masses.

We will record Brady Blade, a world-renowned drummer, in a world class studio with Grammy-nominated engineers at the controls capturing every nuance of Brady’s performance.

Brady Blade Drum

Brady Blade’s Drum Credits

  • Emmylou Harris’ band, Spyboy
  • Steve Earle and the Dukes
  • Jewel
  • The Indigo Girls
  • Bob Dylan
  • Dave Matthews & Friends
  • Buddy & Julie Miller)

All you have to do is send us the tracks for Brady to play along to and we will provide you either with a Pro-Tools session of the final drum tracks or individual .wav files at sample rates up to 24 bit/ 96 Khz. The tracks will include each individual microphone which adds up to 15 tracks so you will have the utmost control over your mix when we send you back the files. Additionally, we can use our state-of-the-art CLASP system which records the drums to a Studer 827  2″ analog tape machine before being recorded into the Pro-Tools system for that vintage analog drum sound you’ve been dreaming about.

We accept 16 or 24 bit uncompressed .wav or aiff files at these sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96.

Your files can be uploaded or you can send a hard drive for us to record to and send back.

Contact us at 318-213-0777 or email to get started.

Drums online by Brady Blade Rates:

  • 1 Song $500
  • each additional song $250
  • CLASP optional additional cost $350